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So, You Want To Be A Sailor?

Founded by legendary yachtsman Steve Colgate, the Offshore Sailing School has been teaching the land-bound to sail since 1964. S ailing, and in particular sailing in the Virgin Islands, is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You’re out there in nature – the sea, sun, wind and water are the ingredients that make for …

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Take a Hike

Photo by Julian Putley

A Trail Guide for Sailors (And Landlubbers Too) The BVI’s enduring appeal is sailing. It usually entails a week’s cruise around the islands, often on a fine yacht with a professional crew, or “sail yourself” on a bareboat. From personal experience a typical day might involve departing from the previous night’s anchorage …

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Aragorn’s Amazing Art

The art of Aragorn Dick-Read is singularly unique, artistically brilliant and culturally appropriate to tropical island life; it radiates a certain joie de vivre, a psychological stimulant. Aragorn’s Studio located at Trellis Bay in the BVI is the hub of activity in this beachfront community. The studio houses the metal …

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Off The Beaten Track

The Virgin Island’s Hidden Nuggets of Beauty. For many charter boat sailors the week’s cruise around the British Virgin Islands involves a predictable route. It often entails sailing to a mooring area, usually with a beach bar/restaurant; arriving early to ensure a mooring ball is available and then watching latecomers …

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Pampered At Sea

It all began in 1968 when a few adventurer/sailor/visionaries realized what the British Virgin Islands had to offer and took the plunge into a risky endeavor – the bareboat chartering business. Crewed chartering for vacationing had been going on since the late 1940s and had become well established in the …

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Island Resources Foundation – Tortola in the Limelight

From history to the environment, Judith Towle and colleagues at the Island Resources Foundation profile an island with many facets. In 1972, IRF’s founder, Edward Towle, wrote in the Foundation’s organizing prospectus: “Within a small island, no problem or area of study can stand by itself, no piece of life …

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The Wildlife of Necker

Lemurs, tortoises and flamingoes are among the tropical species found on Richard Branson’s private retreat, Necker Island. Until recently Necker Island, the extraordinary private island of Sir Richard Branson, was regarded as an opulent hideaway reserved only for the affluent special few. Charter boat operators would point it out and explain its …

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Salt Island – A Southern Cay in the BVI

Used for seasoning and food preservation, salt reaped from the pond at Salt Island was at one time a valuable commodity. In days gone by the Southern Cays was the name given to those islands on the south side of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. They comprise Ginger, Cooper, Salt, Peter …

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