by Claudia Colli

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View from the Ridge

Travel the Ridge Road where history and nature come to life For some people Tortola evokes the image of sandy palm-fringed beaches. But for others, what comes to mind is their splendid backdrop, the soft green mountains that run upwards from the island’s shore. The mountains of Tortola are not the …

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Party like a Black Boater

The Black Boaters Summit celebrates its twentieth year   The Black Boaters Summit, a staple of the BVI cruising circuit, will be celebrating its 20th year this summer. Inspired by Paul Mixon, a travel agent and event planner specializing in the US African American community, BBS is comprised of a fun-filled …

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A Seafaring Tradition Takes on New Life

The Tortola sloop, which once ruled local waters, has a long and storied history. At one time the sight of men hammering and sawing boat frames was as common as the fast cargo carrying sloops they produced. But as fiberglass vessels became the norm over the last 50 years or so, …

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Fort Recovery – Love at First Sight

photo by Greg Smith

Former Broadway producer Anita McShane transforms a Dutch fort into the backdrop of a boutique hotel on Tortola’s West End Fort Recovery, perhaps the oldest historic site in the British Virgin Islands, looms large on the waterfront of its namesake hotel, Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas & Suites. Once the gateway …

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A Passion for Sailing

BVI Spring Regatta Director Judy Petz has organized the BVI’s most prestigious sailing event for over a decade For 14 years Judy Petz, the Director of the BVI Spring Regatta, has taken on the Virgin Islands’ biggest sailing event with the efficiency of a military commander, the dexterity of a …

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Caciques, Crumbling Walls and Copper Kettles

Long Bay

The BVI’s vibrant history and the people who made the Virgin Islands what it is today Remnants of the Virgin Islands’ past dot its hillsides and hug its shores. There are old wells, slave walls, churches and cisterns. There are remnants of 18th century forts, the crumbling walls of plantation …

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Sea Shells

From the magnificent conch to the modest cowrie, B.V.I. beaches and waters abound in shells of all descriptions. Few people can pass by a beautiful shell without stopping to admire its bright colors, delicacy and intricate design. Those people who cannot leave a beach without a colorful assortment are in …

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“Breaking of the Salt Pond”

Photo by Ricky Dos Santos

A valued tradition is revived in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday   This spring, over 100 descendents of Salt Island, along with government officials and other dignitaries, gathered at the edge of one of the island’s two salt ponds. They were there to take part in the “breaking of …

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Our Magnificent Visitors

The humpback whale can be seen in the Virgin Islands between December and May. Each year with the regularity of northern tourists fleeing the winter cold, the humpback whale visits the Virgin Islands. For the most part, humpbacks are quiet, unobtrusive guests barely noticed by islanders. They swim through the …

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The Virgin Islands in 3D

A state of the art marine mapping project is bringing the BVI’s underwater world into sharp focus. Over an 18 month period starting in July 2014, a group of underwater geologists, hydrographic surveyors and National Parks Trust personnel set out on an unprecedented mission to survey the BVI’s seabed, update its …

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