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Official webpage of The BVI Welcome Guide. Source of information for everything in the British Virgin Islands since 1971.

Aragorn’s Amazing Art

The art of Aragorn Dick-Read is singularly unique, artistically brilliant and culturally appropriate to tropical island life; it radiates a certain joie de vivre, a psychological stimulant. Aragorn’s Studio located at Trellis Bay in the BVI is the hub of activity in this beachfront community. The studio houses the metal …

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Caciques, Crumbling Walls and Copper Kettles

Long Bay

The BVI’s vibrant history and the people who made the Virgin Islands what it is today Remnants of the Virgin Islands’ past dot its hillsides and hug its shores. There are old wells, slave walls, churches and cisterns. There are remnants of 18th century forts, the crumbling walls of plantation …

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Smuggler’s Cove

Photo: Clint Van Hellemont

Beach goers or history seekers, locals or non, if you’ve yet to experience one of Tortola’s most spectacular beaches, well, it’s time you made your way down to one of our best north-facing beaches. Smuggler’s Cove is not just another pretty face – its natural beauty also carries a lively …

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Sea Shells

From the magnificent conch to the modest cowrie, B.V.I. beaches and waters abound in shells of all descriptions. Few people can pass by a beautiful shell without stopping to admire its bright colors, delicacy and intricate design. Those people who cannot leave a beach without a colorful assortment are in …

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BVI Food Fête – The Highlights

Here’s a listing of some of the biggest events happening during the month-long culinary series: Oct. 30 is the Barefoot Gourmet Soiree, featuring gourmet food paired with Barefoot wines. Nov. 5 is Taste of Tortola, with some of the BVI’s best restaurants serving up a sampler menu, plus a demonstration …

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The Flavor of Paradise

I remember the first time I had gooseberry stew like it was this morning. It’s sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time, with a texture much closer to jam than any stew I’d ever had before. It was an unexpected treat in the middle of an otherwise busy …

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Off The Beaten Track

The Virgin Island’s Hidden Nuggets of Beauty. For many charter boat sailors the week’s cruise around the British Virgin Islands involves a predictable route. It often entails sailing to a mooring area, usually with a beach bar/restaurant; arriving early to ensure a mooring ball is available and then watching latecomers …

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The Long Walk

“I wanted to experience Virgin Gorda at a slower pace. What better way than on my own two feet?” When Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on Virgin Gorda during his second voyage to the West Indies in 1493, he thought the island looked like a pregnant woman lying on her …

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Creatures of the Rhone

The wreck of the Royal Mail Ship Rhone is regarded as the premier wreck dive of the Caribbean. One cannot but feel the haunting presence of those who went down with the steamship during a category five hurricane on October 29, 1867. Whether swimming through the bow section or investigating …

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